We Are Closing Our Practice

To my patients:

I have decided to close my practice, effective August 31 2013.

This has been a very painful decision for me, as I love my patients and pediatric endocrinology, but being a solo pediatric subspecialist in today’s economic and regulatory environment has proved more challenging than I anticipated when I started Pediatric Endocrinology of Central Texas in April 2011.

We’ll be available office visits until August 22 and phone calls until August 31 2013. I will fill prescription requests until September 30 2013. If you need a followup appointment prior to August 31, or a prescription refill before September 30 , PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE NOW.

Since the wait time can be long for appointments in many pediatric endocrine clinics, I advise that you get started immediately to arrange an appointment with another clinic if you will need endocrine care after August 31. Please contact your primary care physician if a referral is needed. Also, you’ll need to check to see if they are participating providers for your insurance plan.

When you have decided on your new endocrine provider, please complete the record release form and mail or fax it back to us. Within 2 weeks after receiving the form, we’ll send all our records plus a referral letter for your child to your new endocrine provider.

2 weeks after you send back the record release form, please call your chosen provider to set an appointment. You may have to wait until December, so call us NOW if you think you will need refills or supplies to last until then.

I will keep our phone number 512 667 6100 open until February 1 2014.
This website and our e-mail info@pedendotx.com will stay open until 2030 (developing technology may force us to relocate the address, but the connection will be kept open).

Thank you for your confidence in choosing me as your endocrinologist. I wish you all the best.


Rose L. Schneier MD